Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Our Satellite Dish

This is the dish that we use to get internet. It is strictly a private venture. 30 people get together and buy the equipment and then pay for the service. Equipment breaks down to $270 apiece and you can sell your share to someone when you leave. Service is about $40 a month. It is dial-up slow during the peak usage times, but most times it is pretty good. Better than nothing. At first the army wanted to prohibit these in the housing areas but so many people complained that it became a morale issue and they let is stay. Besides, they knew that the MWR facilites here are already inadequate and packed with people and it would only get worse. Sorry for the white spots on the picture. It has been very dusty here lately and the lens is dirty. This row is right next to mine, they have sandbags, I don't. I don't know why.

click for full sized image


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